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Mobile App

Mobile App works in Offline mode (when there is no internet). You can also download the notes previously to read them in a patient’s house where there is no internet. You CAN receive the signatures in the OFFLINE mode, but you cannot document the notes.

To download the Android Version, please click here:

To Download the Apple version, please click here:

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Introduction to Home Health Links System

Evaluation Visit Training

Follow Up Visit Training

Discharge Visit Training

How to Submit the Invoice

Please get the signature in the client system ONLY. Please use the home health link app, ONLY when you are not able to get the signature on the Kinnser / Devero /Ext system.

Correct Signatures

How to make corrections if you made a mistake with Signatures and how HHL system connects you to external system

Devero Training

Some of the Home Health Agencies use Devero for documentation. This video walks you through the various steps of clinical documentation. We have listed some of the important sections of the video below. If you wish to go to specific section, please go to that minute.

PT /OT/ST eval and re-assessment in Devero-0-18 min
How to write Physician Orders in Devero 18-28 min
How to complete SOC in Devero 28 -1:05:30 min
How to write intra office communication in Devero-1:05:30 min

Initial Home Visit Nursing Skill Demonstration (optional)

Please watch this if you are new to Home Health.

Devero Trainning